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Accommodation in Nepal

ACCOMMODATION IN NEPAL: There has been an influential change in the types of accommodation in Nepal for travelers. Tourists to Nepal still select the convenient way of booking hotel or guest house but the evolutionary introduction of homestay and hostels has brought a fruitful turning point in the Accommodation styles for travelers in Nepal. Millions of tourists from different parts of the world visit Nepal for varied purposes and with different personalities. They have their own choices and ways to explore Nepal. Staying in a Nepalese society with Nepalese culture and traditions is also a medium to acknowledge the unique features of Nepal. You will not only be able to communicate with them and feel at home, but also pursue the Nepalese customs and style of living according to places to places and societies to societies.

HOMESTAY has nowadays become a popular choice among travelers to spend their vacation in Nepal. This program allows you to stay with a Nepali family in their house as a paying guest. The guest will be sharing meals with them in the same kitchen. You will be living as a member of the family. They shall invite you to celebrate their festivals, join the special occasions and events like birthday, marriage, holy rituals, etc.

STEP ON HIMALAYA has been arranging such accommodation keeping in mind about your comfort and safety. This Home Stay program is suitable for any kind of travelers but mainly students and family. This program also helps you to learn Nepali language and their norms. It has become one of the most convenient ways for acculturation.

During the stay with a Nepali family, you will have a choice to select either a single or double room. Also, you will have the option for B/B plan or half board or self-catering. The rooms are simple with normal bed and furniture. There are very minimal houses that provide rooms with attached bathroom. The usual start of the day of Nepali family is cleaning the home especially by the female member of the family i.e. mother or daughter or daughter-in-law.

This Home Stay Program differs from place to place. It can be for a few days or weeks depending upon your desire and need. Step On Himalaya is always there to help you with these all settlements and arrangements. Our team assures you will have a great time in the HOMESTAY program. You will feel lively with the Nepali living style, foods, and cultures.

TEA HOUSE ACCOMMODATION is the most common accommodation during the Trekking in the mountains. Tea houses along the trekking routes are small houses with restaurants as well as accommodation amenities. While traveling in hills, foods are available everywhere but beds may not be available. Hence, lodges or hotels or guest houses are there always offering accommodation.

There are numerous LODGES AND HOTELS on the popular trekking trails to Everest, Langtang, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, etc. with well-maintained rooms including basic facilities. Since these tea houses provide lodging and food, you can schedule your vacation accordingly to your wish and pace. This TEA HOUSES ACCOMMODATION program has been mainly focusing to accommodate the trekkers and travelers for their comfy stay. The wise decision must be taken while choosing the trekking routes. As during the peak season, the shortage of rooms is common leading to option of CAMPING OR TENTING ACCOMMODATION.

CAMPING OR TENTING ACCOMMODATION is usually provided during the trekking or mountaineering those trekking routes where teahouses accommodation is not easily available. But some trekkers prefer for Camping or Tenting accommodation despite the availability of rooms for adventure and fun. During this, you will be provided with a 2-man tent with comfortable sleeping mats, kitchen equipment, and food items. The Staff from STEP ON HIMALAYA will assist you to put up the tent or the camp by the end of the day. Fresh vegetables are locally available. Canned food items are also available. You have to prepare yourself for this nomadic experience and inform us ahead so that the arrangements and the staff for kitchen crew (cook, kitchen boy, porters) and the Trekking guide can be managed accordingly depending upon the size of the group. This type of accommodation lets you feel an exclusively stunning experience in the mountains.