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Lalitpur has the literal meaning of "city of beauty", which is another major capital of Kathmandu valley in ancient times. It is enlisted in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Lalitpur is a crowded but elegant place to visit. The Patan Durbar Square has been still preserved and on the process of renovations after the 2015 horrifying earthquake to regain its glory. Likewise, the famous Krishna Mandir (temple) of Lord Krishna, Mahaboudha, Bajra Barahi, The Ashokan stupas, and other temples are some historical and religious places that must visit in Lalitpur, which were built during the medieval period of the Malla regime. The wooden architecture with exquisite designs of the monuments, temples, and houses is stunning. While exploring Lalitpur, you immerse yourself in the richness of the culture and history of Lalitpur.  Patan Museum is the place where you can get the details of Lalitpur along with the mesmerizing antique artifacts. Another best place is Mangal bazaar where many local items are sold at affordable prices. Eateries, cafes, restaurants, and hotels serve delicious Newari cuisines with other continental food items. The vibrancy of Patan is simply overwhelming.

The Newari cultures and traditions are very much well followed by the Newari communities here. Lalitpur is not only a historical place must visit but also a place where you can spend your quality time strolling around the temples and adoring the beauties. Local people are friendly as well. When you walk around, you will feel you are in the medieval era because of the existence of old buildings and narrow alleyways. Wooden handicrafts with arts and colorful masks are also made in Patan likewise in Bhaktapur. Both places are primarily inhabited by Newari communities and have almost similar ways of celebrating different occasions and festivals.

Things to do in Lalitpur

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Patan and Bhaktapur Day Tour
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